Powerful communication through assertiveness

Life skills courses

Areas covered:

Listening, Assertiveness 1 and 2 exploring powerful techniques in assertiveness that can be used, both personally and professionally and designed to increase confidence and self esteem, body language, positive beliefs, self esteem, self confidence, time management, stress and anger management, goal setting.

These courses have been running very successfully for five years and continue to run with various organisations, who repeatedly invite CiCi back to work with different groups.  They are particularly beneficial for empowering individuals, to look at the choices we have, and the different ways we can deal with challenging situations. These courses are flexible to suit the needs of the client. Courses running at the moment are for one day a week over 6 weeks, and one day a week over 10 weeks.

"I found this training extremely beneficial.  I have explored a number of different techniques to use when dealing with parents/carers in different situations."  Lambeth Childminder R. Cordwell

"I cannot say in words how much I appreciated this course." Marva Badr, Lambeth Childminder





'CiCi has transformed the lives of our clients using her positive, inspirational, life affirming, confidence-boosting programme of which I cannot speak too highly.'
Fahmia Huda, SureStart