Life coaching

Sometimes in life there are decisions to be made that can have a major impact on our lives.  Sometimes we just want to make some small changes, maybe in the way that we communicate, or how we manage others, and sometimes larger decisions, like changing house, jobs or country.   Making the necessary changes can be so much easier when working with a coach who will assist you in putting your life back on track.  Coaching is a marvellous vehicle for doing just that!
 Whether the situation is around work issues or personal, life coaching can assist us in identifying what it is we are doing, what it is that we could be doing, and how to manage the different exciting results! Coaching is also a wonderful way of finding our hidden talents, and of getting rid of self-limiting beliefs that hold us back and limit our choices. This coaching will open up all types of possibility and bring hopefulness and clarity for the present and the future.

'My experience of your techniques has been invaluable. I still use the planning and time management systems that I have learned and have found the coaching style of questioning extremely useful in the every day negotiations that I encounter at work.'
Hannah Roberts, Advertising Executive.

'CiCi was inspirational and life changing for me. We had a plan stuck to and she helped me to achieve my goals not only short term, but long term too.'
Lawrence Darani, Community Coach/trainer.