'CiCi Collins ran two in-depth training and development programmes for the BBC World Service Trust with actors and broadcasters working on our popular radio drama 'Eugenia Tree Village'. The show is a twice weekly Burmese-language soap which deals with health issues such as HIV and citizenship and has an audience of over 13 million in a country where freedom of speech is banned. It is produced in Thailand.

'The goal of the assignment was getting actors used to a broader style of performance to bring an emotional sensitivity to their performances, especially around sensitive story issues. Given the particular challenge of the Burmese context, this involved much more than a drama workshop; it involved developing the team as individuals and as an integrated company. A whole series of tools and processes were used.

'The challenge for CiCi was working with a non English speaking group over several days leading to recording, providing personal and group support all along the way. CiCi approached the project with gusto and a wonderfully open mind, and she established a great relationship with the team. The results in terms of improved performance, motivation and learning were very striking and appreciated by all of those who were on the course.

I would certainly recommend CiCi for simlar projects in the future'
Chris Travers, Head of Project, BBC World Service Trust, Burma Project

'I met CiCi a couple of years ago as a participant on an assertiveness training course she delivered for the Local Authority.  The experience was fantastic – I have never left a training session with my head buzzing quite so much!  It has transformed me.  This lead to CiCi delivering training for our members, she was able to tailor her training to meet play workers needs.  The assertiveness training became creating positive boundaries, and was a real learning experience in how to work with young people and promote relationships and communication – opposed to authoritarianism and imposing unnecessary rules.  The training was delivered twice and both groups benefited hugely, many felt it had been life changing as they discovered how their practice could be improved to support young people and children to become empowered and communicate more effectively. ' 
Gurpreet Siddhu, Play Development Officer, Lambeth Play Association

'I worked with CiCi to develop my public speaking skills, especially when addressing large audiences. She really made me consider how much of myself I was prepared to reveal through my presentations. I found the sessions really challenging at times, but incredibly thought provoking. CiCi’s work has had a lasting impact and has given me the confidence to draw on my knowledge and experiences and to really connect with audiences, rather than presenting in a corporate, impersonal way.'
Elizabeth Jarman, Director of Red Splash Solutions Ltd.

'In every session I made a breakthrough in many aspects of my life. The actions plans were great. They kept me focused and determined to meet my goals. I definitely feel more positive and determined in myself, and most importantly happy and confident with the decisions I make.'
Katie Gardener, Teaching Assistant.

'We have found CiCi to be an excellent trainer who always delivers what she promises.  She is committed to running workshops that really make a difference and facilitate people to become empowered through a better understanding of themselves and how they communicate with others.  We made the decision to commission over a year’s worth of Communication & Assertiveness skills workshops on behalf of the “Advice Links” project because we had confidence in CiCi’s abilities as an effective trainer.  CiCi is particularly skilled at working with groups who are very diverse (in terms of sex, age, ethnicity, etc.) and who may have no prior experience of attending a workshop/training course.'
Kay Griffiths, Economic Development Officer, West Euston Partnership. January 2004

'I wanted to tell you how excellent your two-day Communication and Assertiveness Skills course is. We all rush around with so much unresolved baggage, which we don't know how to deal with or address. Your course tackles these issues head on and offers solutions. If such skills were part of the national curriculum people would be better equipment to deal with life.

'From my own point of view it helped tremendously. Having been made redundant recently I'd gone through a crisis of confidence and loss of self-esteem, a classic syndrome I believe. It was good to share this and claim back my self-confidence and self-belief. Your course gave so many useful tips on dealing with situations calmly and assertively that we could take away and continue to practise on a daily basis. I greatly appreciated being part of a group as well. It's so unusual to get together with people who share how they feel and who are actively seeking to make things better for themselves. It was an incredibly supportive experience. There was a great sense of community, something which is quite rare living in this great metropolis.'
Jane Gowman participant West Euston Partnership Two day communication and Assertiveness course

'These workshops equipped parents/carers with the necessary tools they need to use when dealing with difficult, stressful and demanding situations on a day-to-day basis.'
Sharon Kitson, Lambeth Contact A Family

'The results in terms of improved performance, motivation and learning were very striking and appreciated by all of those who were on the course.

'I would certainly recommend CiCi for simlar projects in the future'
Chris Travers, Head of Project, BBC World Service Trust, Burma Project